A world in a shell?

The concept of the Ghost in a Shell comes from the individual consciousness transferred to a computer. When and where a computer stops being just a machine and start thinking, feeling, and even living. Here you’ll find a mix of computers, anime, philosophy, religion and culture.

The impact generated by technological advances throughout history has affected how society works and interacts. The way on which we’ve set up our values and principles has made information a major commodity. Collecting and analyzing the data we gather is the building block over which most of our modern society relies to function properly. The explosion of computer penetration, smartphones, internet access, and even algorithms has really transformed our world into what Daniel Bell (1979) referred as an information society.

This blog is going to analyze opinions, academic papers, essays, and statistics, relating social issues and ethical and moral dilemmas arising from the use of technological advances. It will have a strong focus on E-governance, interactivity, social relations, social media, and social behaviors concerning the use, abuse, and misuse of available tools. Nevertheless the blog is focusing on current technologies and events; it won’t necessarily stay in a present time, through the analysis I will try to predict probable outcomes of global society and its conduct.


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