How to choose a Business Model

I know it’s hectic out there! Lots of options to choose from, lots of possibilities, but how can you select the correct Business Model for your startup or company?

There is not simple answer, but here are some tips that you can use to figure it out. A small spoiler:  as the Marketing guy I will start as usual with – know your costumer.

Thanks to EFactor for the opportunity!



One thought on “How to choose a Business Model

  1. Reblogged this on olleh4u and commented:
    To choose your business model, first of all, you have to know your customers.
    1. Where are your customers?
    2. Why are they buying from you?
    3. When are they buying from you?

    Then, you have to know where you’ll sell your products to know you proper distribution channel.

    Last but not least is making a business model canvas. You can make it yourself or ask someone else to make it for you.

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