Why should you Crowdfund as a marketer?

Before, there was only a few ways in which you could get your company started. You usually saved your money, or asked your parents. If you were really lucky, you might have inherited a huge amount of gold coins so you could get your business started. Now, the Internet has changed a lot of the business model and the way we create companies. As marketers, we should be aware of such changes, especially if we are working with social media.

Last week I was part of the organizing team of a conference by Indiegogo. I had to study a lot for the conference, and I have to thank Indiegogo’s disposition and insights. Furthermore, that event was the launching campaign for a project that I’m taking part of: Traqme. This is all related to marketing, I promise, stay with me while I pitch you the project.

Traqme is a platform that provides powerful insights for people with Diabetes. Through text messages, we can track and manage significant measurements of patients with Diabetes, and connect that information to caregivers and physicians. What drove me to the project was that it is not an app, everything is simpler, done by text messages. We remind them to measure blood sugar and capture the values. We transform these into insights and provide them in mobile and responsive forms. Check the project here:


Texting your way to a healthier you

This pitch goes to the core of this post, which is that the way in which we fund our companies has changes completely. Indiegogo’s Alisa Cordesius, Cause Manager, showed us the four most important steps to have a successful crowdfunding campaign:
1-Set up realistic goals – It’s all about knowing where you are going.

2-Have a pitch and a video – It looks nice, but every good video has to have a story.

3-Have perks – We all like gifts, but this is also promotion (from the four P’s, remember?)

4-Give updates – Never leave your backers unattended (or your customers for that matter). I got a comment on my Facebook wall saying that backers hate when you don’t let them know the stage of your product. (Thanks Francisco)

Don't forget your customers/backers

Don’t forget your customers/backers

All this are criteria that any marketer should be able to address day in and day out. That’s why I believe that marketing professionals should get more involved in these kinds of projects. Crowdfunding campaigns will teach us how to establish business KPI’s, leverage our networks, and, through traffic, generate bottom-line revenue. All of this, part of any good marketer’s basics.

If you were wondering– we do need help from you to achieve our goal. We reached our first milestone of $1,000 dollars yesterday. But we have a long way to go. We are changing the life of millions of patients with diabetes and you can help us – Traqme.


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