10 Facebook sins for CMO’s

So you decided to create a Facebook page to promote your business/product? Great! You just made your first mistake of your marketing campaign.

This is not necessarily true if you, as I suggest, plan ahead and come with a strategy that matches your objectives. But most of the “digital marketers” out there tend to sell prepackaged tactics that might look attractive, but are not effective.

Here are ten things you are doing wrong while managing your Facebook corporate page:

  1. Not establishing a talking voice or persona for your Facebook profile. In social media, consumers expect to have a closer relationship with their brand; you should have a clear voice and a defined demeanor while talking to them.The master has spoken!
  2. Not publishing enough posts, or badgering your users with constant updates. You don’t want your Facebook to be a TV Ad, but it shouldn’t be Twitter either. Try getting three to four updates everyday and track from there.

    Too much? Too many? Get an expert!

    Too much? Too little? 

  3. Not use pictures and videos. Posts with these kinds of media attract more attention, plus real people are sharing more and more images on the platform. Why shouldn’t you?

    Blows my mind

    Blows my mind

  4. Not use Facebook metrics. Are you not doing it? Really? They are making it even easier with their new dashboards. As a manager you should be getting one report in your desk at LEAST once a week – if not every day.



  5. Not using Facebook Ads – they will give you great returns if you have an adequate targeting and a clear idea on your objective with them. And here is a post that tells why Facebook Ads are Killing it.



  6. Not post on weekends or after hours – most of your users will be posting during that times, why shouldn’t your brand?

    Yes, we also use Facebook on weekends and after-hours

    Yes, we also use Facebook on weekends and after-hours

  7. Not having a publishing calendar. Much like magazines, Facebook and other social media, need direction and guidance. Define monthly topics with weekly themes and daily posts. Lay it down on a spreadsheet.

    So dissapointed


  8. Believing that Facebook is the correct channel to communicate with your audience. As I stated previously, this is not a pre-packaged thing – Facebook works as a tool, and you don’t want to hammer with a screwdriver – get the analogy?

    Anyone can create a FB page, how to use it - different story.

    Anyone can create a FB page, how to use it – different story.

  9. Relying only in likes to measure success. Just because someone liked your post or page, doesn’t mean they are reading your updates or converting to customers.

    Go back to your strategy - bigger picture!

    Go back to your strategy – bigger picture!

  10. Not having a strategy on what you want to achieve with your Facebook page. This is by far what bothers me the most. In order to maximize Facebook’s potential you need to be clear what are your objectives, where is your target audience and, bottom-line, how to reduce your CPA (Cost per acquisition) through social media.

    You should be sure where to go!

    You should be sure you are on target

Sometimes it’s just not worth it setting up a Facebook page; you’d be better off creating a Twitter account. But next week I’ll let you know why are your Twitter accounts not working.

Why should you do Twitter?

Why should you not do Twitter?

Contact me if you want help with your Social Media efforts. 


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