The fantasy of free media

There was a time in which you CEO’s and CMO’s used to tell their teams, let’s do social media, it’s cheap and effective! Wait, these are those times still. In my consulting I’ve come across several of these executives who are trying to cut Marketing expenses through the use of social media.

Are you saving money?

Are you saving money?

As digital marketers, we are to blame if this idea is still in place. We need to help understand our clients, bosses, and directors the enormous efforts required to create and maintain a social media campaign. Specially maintain. When do you think the “tweet nightmare” is going to explode? A Wednesday morning when your whole social media team is in the office? Of course not! It happens on a Friday night, where everyone is chilling at their place.

Of course it happened after hours!

Of course it happened after hours!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing experience being able to analyze and plan campaigns through digital channels, but some of your brands shouldn’t be on Facebook, or Twitter, or Pinterest, or any other social media. Your efforts could be better spent and your ROI will maximize through email marketing, which produce 27% leads in average, according to the Hubspot.

Email is effective!

Email could work better than social media if you have the correct strategy.

As a marketing consultant I don’t go for flashy, I’d rather be effective. I don’t go for reach, I’d rather have quality. This might not be what you as a CEO or CMO want to hear, but as a digital marketer is my job to tell you that your strategy is wrong (if you have any in place). My next posts will go over the ten sins of brands and companies while in social media. Next week we start with Facebook.

Read my previous posts!

Read my previous posts!


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