You never like a marketer….until you need one

There was a time where marketing was only selling. Those were the times that we all remember of door-to- door salesmen. They tried to outwit and outsmart the consumer with cheap tricks and mumbo-jumbo, they also used a lot of psychology to make the sell – i’m not taking that away from them. Nowadays every text I read regarding Marketing and Sales is stating that the consumer has evolved. They are getting smarter, now they can screen the most elemental tactics for selling them. Nevertheless that is not the point of this entry, today I will state a truth that most of us marketers face every day: people don’t like us.

We are not that bad

We are not that bad!

When I say I’m a marketer I get “that” look: spiteful, judgmental. I don’t have that when I say I was in film production (check my IMDB profile) or even when I tell people I write erotic narrative! I just took a look at the following chart that gave me a profound insight on  how society value our job.

This is part of a slide presentation by A.C. Ross for Marketing Analytics course in Hult International Business School San Francisco

This is part of a slide presentation by A.C. Ross for Marketing Analytics course in Hult International Business School San Francisco

We are even below politicians – and I think we had it coming. For years, marketers have been perceived as deceitful and tricky, thus extending that definition to the different areas covered by the discipline: advertising, branding, product placement, even PR, among others. The only answer I urge you to consider if you are one of those who don’t trust marketing is: we also make your life better. If we did our segmentation properly, the information you are going to receive from us is valuable and useful. But it’s not an easy job, it is a mixture of science, sociology, behavioral psychology, and communication science.

Love me now!

Also I firmly believe that managers should reconsider the use of marketing. We are not miracle workers, we do not have the ability to get consumers get into a trance and make them buy. As I see it, us marketers work within a string theory universe, where numbers and statistics merge in the same time-space continuum of people and behaviors.


The next time you rush to cut your marketing budget as option number one, that next Youtube ad that you are going to dismiss without even watching once remember that you never like a marketer, until you need one. And if you ever get to really, really, really need someone to correct your sales or pivot your brand, we are always here to help. As lawyers are there to bail you out of hair situations – we are the same: you’ll eventually need us.


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